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We focus on delivering exceptional, practical and demonstrative deep dive experiences that optimise the potential in each individual we engage to succeed beyond standard norms..




 Our training events help participants receive the essentials for developing and enhancing their communication skills, soft skills, personal presentation and professional presence..





From team-building exercises to visioning sessions to internal and external strategy retreats, DCG provides great facilitation services to a variety of teams 





Using her knowledge, training, and experience, DCG's founder, Dzigbordi Kwaku-Dosoo, has developed a success model. A superb hallmark model for both personal and professional.  



DCG Consulting Group is a leading brand in the knowledge industry, dedicated to the levelling up and transformation of organizations and individuals in Ghana, Africa and around the globe. We specialize in helping corporate professionals, from C-Suite executives to entry-level employees, as well as business owners including SME leaders, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Our primary focus is to empower individuals to build their High Performance, Communication and Human skills, enabling them to become leaders, promoters, and educators of their brands. By doing so, we help our clients increase their revenue, income, and overall profitability. DCG was founded by Dzigbordi Kwaku-Dosoo, an award winning multi-disciplinary Business Leader, Consultant, Certified High-Performance Coach CHPCTM, global Speaker, and Entrepreneur. With 29 years of experience in the corporate and entrepreneurship space, Dzigbordi built one of the most visible wellness brands in West Africa, Allure Africa and transitioned to spending many years coaching C-suite executives, managers, teams and entrepreneurs in high performance habits and human skills.


Our vision is to be known and acknowledged as the go-to personal growth and
professional development organization in Ghana and beyond. We strive to be
recognized for our exceptional coaching and training programs, as well as our
unwavering commitment to helping individuals and businesses reach their full

Dzigbordi Kwaku-Dosoo

Dzigbordi Kwaku is the CEO of DCG Consulting Group. A multi passionate business leader, consultant, certified high-performance coach, public speaker, and an entrepreneur.

She has spent 29 years working with organizations predominantly in North America and Africa, being a keynote speaker on many global stages, and has hosted her own talk show which aired in 46 countries in West Africa.

25 years as an entrepreneur, who pioneered the first Day Spa in Ghana and scaled it with multiple subsidiaries and became a globally recognized brand in Africa. After experiencing tragedy and adversity, Dzigbordi reinvented herself and currently utilizes her expertise and experiences to shape conversations and make impact. Dzigbordi is now recognized as an authority in the Coaching, Facilitation, Speaking and Consulting space, working with Blue Chip Companies, SMEs, and Young Entrepreneurs with a key focus on business strategy and human (soft) skills development.

Dzigbordi’s credentials include a degree in Economics and Finance from Virginia State University, USA. An Executive Education from Harvard University, and a Certified columnist for the Business and Financial Times.

She has been featured on CNN and received numerous awards which includes:

•2022 Female Most Exceptional Change-Maker - Global Humanitarian Awards

•2022 Pan African Personal Impact Influencer of the Year – Pulse Africa

•HIBS Africa Awarded her for her significant contribution to the beauty and wellness sector - 2022

Dzigbordi, has a beautiful daughter, and is passionate about mentoring the youth, doing the work of ministry and giving back through the charities she serves with.